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A suite of customer-driven products

  1. PREVIEW (Predictive Environment for the Visualization of Electromechanical Virtual Validation)
  2. PREVIEW Viewer
  3. Custom Software Development
  4. Training and Support
  5. Analysis Services


PREVIEW is a premium software package designed to reduce product costs and development time. As a physics-based modeling-and-simulation platform, the value of such a tool ultimately lies in its ability to complete analysis and test iterations virtually, thus greatly reducing time expended and money spent.

PREVIEW enables printed circuit board (PCB) designers to assess design shortcomings based on virtual analysis prior to production. This toolkit includes a platform for coordinating 1) system visualization, 2) physics-based analysis capabilities, and 3) evaluation of system and component data, as well as external analysis results, allowing users to test and evaluate all aspects of the design in a single intuitive 3-D virtual environment.


PREVIEW will be useful not just to highly technical analysts, but more importantly to program managers and hardware engineers. This versatility stems from the focus on ease of use, visualization, and system integration.


PREVIEW helps close the gaps in manufacturing capabilities by providing the means for affordable, timely, and low-risk development. Ultimately, it helps transform the industrial base and move towards next generation agile manufacturing, thus increasing the speed of delivery and enabling relatively fast reaction to changing conditions (the essence of virtual models). This in turn helps to reduce cost and schedule overruns that can stem from a lack of manufacturing readiness.



The foundation of PREVIEW’s capabilities rests on its best-in-class viewer for STEP files. Data incompatibility is a costly problem for manufacturing industry, and PREVIEW helps solve this problem. IN order to provide an open solution, PREVIEW leverages the STEP protocol, which is a common and extensive protocol for archiving and visualizing a variety of types of data, including all elements of PCBs and PCAs. Thus, PREVIEW is built on what is becoming the fastest and most versatile STEP reader on the market.

Read, visualize, and manipulate piece part and assembly STEP files: 

  1. AP 203 (mechanical)
  2. AP 210 (electrical)
  3. AP 210 packages
  4. AP 210 seating planes
  5. AP 210 connectors
  6. AP 214 (mechanical)
  7. Connectivity (for single- and multi-board systems)
  8. Assembly mating
  9. Text
  10. All shapes
  11. All copper components
  12. and more…
  13. Please DOWNLOAD the installer for a free sample version of the PREVIEW Viewer, which will expire in two weeks. This application provides the basic capabilities for reading and manipulating STEP files. Test it and feel free to send us any feedback.

Custom Software Development

Despite the value of VSE’s current software products, we recognize that our customer’s success depends on our willingness to address their unique challenges. Thus, by leveraging our team’s flexibility and our software’s modular software structure, we are able to develop and integrate novel capabilities that respond directly to ever-changing customer needs as technology evolves.

Training and Support

Whether it is with video tutorials, digital user guides, or customized training courses, VSE provides training for its products and services. In addition, VSE provides responsive support for user questions and/or input for product refinement.

Analysis Services

In cases when customers do not yet need software licenses but rather isolated case studies, the team at VSE draws on its extensive technical expertise, and experience with PREVIEW, to provide analysis services.